At Lakeside Nursery, we are both Wholesale Grower and Broker:

Lakeside Nursery attributes much of it’s success to over 27 years of wholesale and retail nursery experience and in plant procurement brokering. Our business model caters to homeowners, landscapers and contractors alike.

Lakeside Nursery has provided plant material for many large commercial projects such as the Portland International Airport boulevard renovation, landscape plants, shrubs and trees for the new construction of the Facebook building in Prineville, OR and the shrubs for the Roseburg Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Roseburg, OR.

Professional distinction and attention to detail is just as important for the commercial projects as it is for private landscaping firms and homeowners. Procurement of both quality and quantity is tailored to the needs of our clientele. It has often been said that Lakeside Nursery is the “biggest little nursery” in the state of Oregon.

Since plant material grown at the nursery and plant material brought in from other sources is competitively priced, Lakeside Nursery offers product for sale at a cost saving to our clientele. The competitive advantage Lakeside Nursery offers for projects large and small is one-stop purchasing for all your plant material needs at one easily accessed location.

Lakeside Nursery welcomes the opportunity to assist you. Come check us out!